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historic camalig restaurant. the home of armando's pizza, ang pambansang pizza, philippine pizza, filipino pizza, pinoy pizza
ang pambansang pizza
Armando's Pizza ("Ang Pambansang Pizza")... patently prepared and baked using the same classic homegrown Pinoy pizza recipe proudly pioneered through the decades. Dough handmade with artisan care and baked to crispy-crust perfection. Loadfully fresh select toppings prepared daily on the premises. Richly thick special sauce slowly-cooked for six hours. Delighting the discriminating Kapampangan tastebuds since 1973. Available in 18 of your favorite flavors. Pizza, proudy Pinoy. Philippine Pizza! Filipino Pizza! Pinoy Pizza!


You can't really say you've seen Angeles (in the Philippines) unless you've been to Camalig—that quaintly old world, fiercely Filipino, trendy turn-of-the-century heritage resto right at the heart of the metropolis. More

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historic camalig restaurant
Old world ambience at the heart of Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City, Philippines.
Camalig... (Kapampangan for 'shed'). 100-year-old ancestral grain depot restored in 1980. Live piano & band music. Landscaped patio for al fresco dining. NepoMuseo (a photologue of old Angeles town and its people & collection of holdhold artifacts). Galleria Olivia (local artists).

All Camalig customers with wifi-enabled laptops and other wireless portables may now enjoy free unlimited internet access at Camalig. Yes, Camalig is wifi-ready.

Armando's Pizza Factoid #1. Did you know that it takes six hours (that's right, six hours!) to cook that richly thick special sauce that goes with every Armando's Pizza... Nyaman!

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Now ordering your favorite "Pambansang Pizza" is just a text away. And not just pizza, mind you, but everything else on the menu: pasta, tacos, sisig, too!
Simply download this form, fill it out, and present to Historic Camalig Restaurant, and we'll get you up and texting in no time.
*We deliver anywhere in Angeles City and Clarkfield in Pampanga, including areas in San Fernando, Mabalacat, Magalang, and Porac.

Write: 292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City, 2009 Philippines
Call: +63(045)322-5641/888-1077
Email: camalig@comclark.com

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Historic Camalig Restaurant is an
"Ecoprofit Certified Company" of
Green Philippines (2007-2009)


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A Taste of History at Camalig

YOU CAN'T really say you've seen Angeles (in the Philippines) unless you've been to Camalig---that quaintly old world, fiercely Filipino, trendy turn-of-the-century heritage resto right at the heart of the metropolis.

Located on bustling Sto. Rosario Street, the old camalig ("shed" in the Kapampangan vernacular) is truly a "must-see" for both residents and tourists as it is one of the city's few surviving legacy structures that has withstood the twin ravages of time and modernization, having been adaptively reused for commerce long before heritage preservation in business was in vogue.

Built in 1840 during the Spanish period by the town's first mayor Don Ciriaco de Miranda primarily as a farm shed of light materials (and later upgraded in the early 1900s to its present form by the town's first post-colonial mayor Capitan Juan Nepomuceno), Historic Camalig Restaurant now stands as a delicate reminder of a gentler era in Philippine history.

Imagine, if you will, the serenity of antiquity preserved in stately architecture of wood and stone. Picture yourself surrounded by age-old photographs and relics from a bygone Angeles town. Dine amidst the charm and hospitality of old world Filipiniana. Or as Asia Today magazine puts it, "drink in a little of the history of a long-ago Philippine time."

"The 150-year-old building was inherited by my father (the late Armando L. Nepomuceno) through five generations," says owner/historian Marc Nepomuceno. "It was in 1980 when he relocated his small pizzeria, Armando's Pizza (one of the pioneering pizzerias in town, I might add) to the old camalig. That is why Historic Camalig Restaurant is also billed as ‘The Home of Armando's Pizza: Ang Pambansang Pizza'."

Marc adds that since 1973 Armando's Pizza has been "tickling the tastebuds" of an entire generation of Angeleños with its 15 artisan flavors---among which, of course, is the famously original Doy's Kapampangan, a homegrown sensation that features a surprisingly splendid combination of lungganisa (native sausage), ebun buru (native salted duck egg), onion, and pickle relish.

Along with its celestial crispy-crust creations, Camalig also serves seven native breakfast plates; four al dente pasta dishes; a heavenly fusion of Filipino, American, and Mexican favorites; and a superb selection of beverages.

Denizens, however, swear that it is by night that Camalig is most magical. Because shortly after the sun sets, this veritable hub of heritage and history turns haven to some of the finest rock and retro acts this side of the city. Dig the gig and do it under the stars and dancing. Catch the city's most promising bands and help yourself to healthy heaping of wholesome happenings.

Live performances are held on most weeknights* at Camalig's outdoor stage amidst its beautifully landscaped patio where one may drink, dine, and unwind 'til midnight.

Now for those who simply can't leave home or work, Camalig delivers within Angeles and Clark, including areas in San Fernando, Mabalacat, Bacolor, and Porac.

*photos courtesy of JR Aguirre