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historic camalig restaurant. the home of armando's pizza, ang pambansang pizza, philippine pizza, filipino pizza, pinoy pizza
ang pambansang pizza
Armando's Pizza ("Ang Pambansang Pizza")... patently prepared and baked using the same classic homegrown Pinoy pizza recipe proudly pioneered through the decades. Dough handmade with artisan care and baked to crispy-crust perfection. Loadfully fresh select toppings prepared daily on the premises. Richly thick special sauce slowly-cooked for six hours. Delighting the discriminating Kapampangan tastebuds since 1973. Available in 18 of your favorite flavors. Pizza, proudy Pinoy. Philippine Pizza! Filipino Pizza! Pinoy Pizza!


You can't really say you've seen Angeles (in the Philippines) unless you've been to Camalig—that quaintly old world, fiercely Filipino, trendy turn-of-the-century heritage resto right at the heart of the metropolis. Read the full feature:
A Taste of History at Camalig

Check out our latest cableTV ad ("Armando's Pizza: Ang Pambansang Pizza" ) in fast loading 30-seconder streaming media format you can watch online (only 300+kb). Simply pick & click on your default media player below: Ang Pambansang Pizza on Windows Media Player Ang Pambansang Pizza on RealPlayer G2 Ang Pambansang Pizza on YouTube

historic camalig restaurant
Old world ambience at the heart of Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City, Philippines.
Camalig... (Kapampangan for 'shed'). 100-year-old ancestral grain depot restored in 1980. Live piano & band music. Landscaped patio for al fresco dining. NepoMuseo (a photologue of old Angeles town and its people & collection of holdhold artifacts). Galleria Olivia (local artists).

All Camalig customers with wifi-enabled laptops and other wireless portables may now enjoy free unlimited internet access at Camalig. Yes, Camalig is wifi-ready.

Armando's Pizza Factoid #1. Did you know that it takes six hours (that's right, six hours!) to cook that richly thick special sauce that goes with every Armando's Pizza... Nyaman!

*We deliver anywhere in Angeles City and Clarkfield in Pampanga, including areas in San Fernando, Mabalacat, Magalang, and Porac.

Write: 292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City, 2009 Philippines
Call: +63(045)322-5641/888-1077
Email: camalig@comclark.com

What our guests say about their Camalig experience...

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protect the earth

Historic Camalig Restaurant is an
"Ecoprofit Certified Company" of
Green Philippines (2007-2009)


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What's happening at Camalig?


If a hearty crowd's your kind of crowd, come and celebrate February 14 at Camalig and see what that crazy little thing is up to on Valentine's Day.
With all that love looming in the air---hey, you never know . . .
Whatever the night brings, make way for great food, good music, and a mighty good time.
Think ladleful of homegrown pizza love served amidst the Old World charm and romance you can only find at Camalig. Expect a night of silly love songs to take you and the pie of your eye down happy memory lane.
Imagine yourself and the one you love soaking up in all that magical lovin' vibe.
Are we feeling warm and fuzzy yet? Make that date and see what "Tuné Lugud Camalig" means.
See you there!

valentines at camalig [photo courtesy of www.sheknows.com]

—7:18 AM 2/14/11 [photo courtesy of www.sheknows.com]

A New Year's Message from Historic Camalig Restaurant (The Home of Armando's Pizza: "Ang Pambansang Pizza")

When a little-known homegrown backyard Kapampangan pizza suddenly makes the news--not just once, but over and over again--people cannot help but ask: "So what's the secret to your success?"

If by success one means our seemingly enduring levity and longevity, the short answer is, of course, luck.

Yes, we got lucky . . . With Philippine Daily Inquirer. With The Philippine Star. With Manila Standard Today. With Mod Magazine. With Smile Magazine. With Tiger Magazine. With The Lonely Planet Magazine. With Ivan About Town. With Awesome Planet. With Click The City. With Open Rice. With eK! With GMA-7. With ABS-CBN 2. With TV5. With RPN-9. With ANC. With Studio 23. With QTV-11. With Executive Class. With Gourmet Everyday. With Sweet Life. With Unang Hirit. With Umagang Kay Ganda, Kay Susan Tayo, Balikbayan, Tara Let's Eat, Trip Na Trip, Swak Na Swak--to name a slew.

But there's an even shorter answer: You.

Because it is, after all, you who found us, you who passed the good word around about us, and you who got us where we are right now--wherever in Doy's happy kitchen that is.

And while we can never hope to be the number 1 bestselling pizza in the whole wide universe (because we can't really be everypizza to everyone), we're just as glad to be the number 1 bestselling pizza in your heart and in your home (naks!).

And so: Dakal pung salamat and here's wishing all you proud and loyal pinoy pizza-loving fans and friends a pizzabulously peaceful and prosperous new year!

(The Home of Armando's Pizza: "Ang Pambansang Pizza")
292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City, Philippines

PS. Here we go again:
Switch over to Net-25 this January 9, 2011, Sunday (5:30PM & 11PM) and join host Faye De Castro as she takes you on a historic tour around Angeles City.
Share in the pride and catch your favorite Armando's Pizza ("Ang Pambansang Pizza") on Net-25's award-winning cultural travelogue Landmarks.
Episode premieres this January 9, 2011, Sunday (5:30PM & 11PM), with replays on January 15, 2011, Saturday (5:30PM & 11PM).
—9:18 AM 1/3/11

FIC [Fruits in Ice Cream], the country's leading gourmet ice cream, just found a new home at Historic Camalig Restaurant.
Now all you ice cream-loving Kaligas can enjoy the gracious goodness of real ice cream right within the loving comforts of your favorite restaurant. Which is to say, yes, Armando, you can have your pizza and eat your ice cream, too.
And not just any ice cream--mind you. But real ice cream. As in ice cream made only from carefully selected quality dairy and tropical fruit ingredients for that distinctly refreshing and fruity character only FIC can deliver.
And did we mention that, like Armando's Pizza, FIC is also 100% proudly Pinoy?
Download your copy of our FIC@Camalig Menu, right now.
Available in half-gallon orders only.
—10:18 AM 1/27/10

Beat the climate-changing heat with this cool triple treat: It's Mais Con Hielo and Sago Gulaman and Buko-Pandan, all-in-one.
Presenting CAMALAMIG...
Camalig's very own tropical triplet that's sure to refresh the national mind, body, and soul. Chill. (P75 only)
—12:30 PM 4/22/10

If you haven't sampled nightlife at Camalig, here's your chance to take a little peek at how gigs warm up nights at your favorite heritage resto. Check out our collection of Camalig youtube videos— right here, right now.
—2:18 AM 2/18/08

Calling all Kaliga-- patrons and friends of Historic Camalig Restaurant-- help us better serve you by taking a moment to answer our short & sweet survey.
—4:12 AM 9/2/07

Congrats to the grand final winners of Pizza Blitza!-VI, the annual Armando's Pizza speed-eating contest:
—Kristhofer John S Umali: 1st place (5 minutes, 6 seconds)
—Reynaldo Oyco: 2nd place (5 minutes, 36 seconds)
—John Kurt Ashley Garcia: 3rd place (5 minutes, 39 seconds)

—For the complete list of Pizza Blitza!-VI weekly winners, participants, and their best biting pics, click here
—10:52 AM 6/20/10

Two fine TV shows on two fine TV channels will each feature your favorite Armando's Pizza. And it's all happening, by some cosmic coincidence, this Tuesday, May 4, 2010!
For appetizer, catch RPN-9's Newswatch at 5:30PM and stay tuned for its segment "Teen Watch," where host Janeena Chan unravels the secret pleasures of "Ang Pambansang Pizza" in a one-on-one interview with Armando's head honcho Marc Nepomuceno on the subject of Pizza & Patriotism 101.
For main course, switch over to QTV-11 for the food-tripping show "Tara! Let's Eat!" and join the irrepressible guest host and award-winning celebrity comic and kabalen Nanette Inventor as she locks in on Historic Camalig Restaurant and loads up on Pampanga's proudest homegrown pizza creation--- you guess it right--- Armando's Pizza: "Ang Pambansang Pizza."
In between showtimes, how about calling us up and having your favorite Armando's delivered to your doorsteps?
Incidentally, did we mention that Tuesday, May 4, is also Pizza Blitza night--- that fun-filled pizza speed-eating contest we host here at Camalig every year (which promptly starts at 7PM)?
So, share in the pride and share the news: 2 TV shows. 2 channels. 1 Armando's Pizza. All on Tuesday!
To all our friends and patrons, manyampukaking salamat keko ngan! You just made a TV star out of a pizza.
—10:46 PM 4/26/10

To all the fans, friends, and patrons of Armando's Pizza ("Ang Pambansang Pizza"):
Thank you for making us the undisputed number 1 bestselling pizza in your heart and in your home...
—11:19 AM 12/29/09

Your favorite Armando's Pizza made it (yet again) on the pages of some of the country's largest national dailies.

1. Philippine Daily Inquirer: 'Ang Pambansang Pizza'
2. The Philippine Star: Flooded on a food trip
3. Manila Standard Today: A Weekend food trip
4. ABS-CBN: Angeles resto launches 'patriotic pizzas'
5. Philippine Daily Inquirer: Pizza gets a dash of patriotism
6. ClickTheCity: Are You a Modern-day Hero?
7. PMQ Pizza Magazine: A Pizza Discount for Serving your Country

It goes without saying that we couldn't have done it without your proud patronage. And so: Manyampukaking pasalamat para keng kekong suporta.
—9:08 PM 11/3/09

Want your picture up here? Go on a picture-taking binge with your friends next time you drop by Camalig and simply send us your best pics via email to camalig@comclark.com Photos should be in .jpg format with a size of at least 400x300 pixels. More importantly, the photos should be taken at Camalig— indoor or outdoor, daytime or nightime. Be creative. Make your photos sizzle. If they're any good— that is uniquely camaligenic— we'll have them up and online in no time. Remember: Shoot and send. It's that's simple. See you soon on camalig.com!