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historic camalig restaurant.
ang pambansang pizza
Armando's Pizza ("Ang Pambansang Pizza")... patently prepared and baked using the same classic homegrown Pinoy pizza recipe proudly pioneered through the decades. Dough handmade with artisan care and baked to crispy-crust perfection. Loadfully fresh select toppings prepared daily on the premises. Richly thick special sauce slowly-cooked for six hours. Delighting the discriminating Kapampangan tastebuds since 1973. Available in 18 of your favorite flavors. Pizza, proudy Pinoy.


You can't really say you've seen Angeles (in the Philippines) unless you've been to Camalig—that quaintly old world, fiercely Filipino, trendy turn-of-the-century heritage resto right at the heart of the metropolis. More

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historic camalig restaurant
Old world ambience at the heart of Sto. Rosario Street In Angeles City, Philippines.
Camalig... (Kapampangan for ‘shed'). 100-year-old ancestral grain depot restored in 1980. Live piano & band music. Landscaped patio for al fresco dining. NepoMuseo (a photologue of old Angeles town and its people & collection of holdhold artifacts). Galleria Olivia (local artists).

All Camalig customers with wifi-enabled laptops and other wireless portables may now enjoy free unlimited internet access at Camalig. Yes, Camalig is wifi-ready.

Armando's Pizza Factoid #1. Did you know that it takes six hours (that's right, six hours!) to cook that richly thick special sauce that goes with every Armando's Pizza... Nyaman!

text a pizza txtapizza text-a-pizza txt-a-pizza
Now ordering your favorite "Pambansang Pizza" is just a text away. And not just pizza, mind you, but everything else on the menu: pasta, tacos, sisig, too!
Simply download this form, fill it out, and present to Historic Camalig Restaurant, and we'll get you up and texting in no time.
*We deliver anywhere in Angeles City and Clarkfield in Pampanga, including areas in San Fernando, Mabalacat, Magalang, and Porac.

What our guests say about their Camalig experience...

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Historic Camalig Restaurant is an
"Ecoprofit Certified Company" of
Green Philippines (2007-2009)


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"Heritage Resto Serves Greener Pizza" Pizza in a bilao? That Italian fare really comes in round bamboo trays at the Armando's Pizza here. And this is no recent pizza packaging style. "We've been happily at it since 1982," said Marc Nepomuceno, owner of Historic Camalig Restaurant. It sells exclusively the Armando's Pizza, which is named after Nepomuceno's father. Rendered a local taste and served in a bilao--igu to Kapampangan--Armando's Pizza is proudly billed "Ang Pambansang Pizza (The National Pizza)." "Pizza is traditionally round just as an igu is round, so it makes perfect sense," he said. Nepomuceno used to pack the pizza in cardboards for a time but adopted the igu "as a result of what was then as it is still now the family's shared concern for the continuing problem of deforestation."
[More: business.inquirer.net/...]

According to a news report from business.inquirer.net, "That Italian fare really comes in round bamboo trays at the Armando's Pizza here. And this is no recent pizza packaging style..."
[Here: www.pmq.com/news...]

Camalig---found in Angeles City's historical district, in the lot owned by the city's founder, the resto's name is Kapampangan for camarin (barn). Founded by Ricardo Nepomuceno, father of its present owner and manager, Marco Nepomuceno, Camalig is a pizzeria popular for Pinoy pizza with local toppings such as ebun buru (red/salted eggs), longganiza and cheese, among others.
[Here: showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/...]

In my hometown of Angeles City, we say that Armando Nepomuceno, of the famous Nepomuceno clan, is the "king" of pizza. He opened the city's first pizza parlor in May 1973, and aptly called it King Pizza. It was initially housed in a structure built of nipa, bamboo, and sawali located along the city's main street of Sto. Rosario. Divine Bovine (all ground beef and cheese) was its best seller. The pizza crust was thin and crispy. Diners would often remark, "Manyaman ing pichapay keni." Thus, to many Angeleños, their first taste of and first love affair with pizza are often at King Pizza, making it the local benchmark of what a great pizza fit for a king should be.
In 1980, the pizzeria moved to a new home, a century-old camalig (Kapampangan for "shed") that was restored, renovated, and adaptively re-used as a restaurant. Today, the "king" has long died, but his pizza parlor, which is now called Armando's Pizza in his honor, is still much around. His son Marc makes sure the pizzas are still like the way the "king" used to make them. That is, the secret sauce, which is a li'l bit on the sweet side, is prepared for long hours in the kitchen by his cook.
Greenwich, 3M, Shakey's and Pizza Hut came to town, but Armando's has stood the competition from these giants and even edged out of business Domino's and Little Caesar's, which dared operate nearby.
[Here: www.philstar.com/...]

Now have you ever heard of Kapampangan pizza? If not, then you must visit Armando's Pizza at the Historic Camalig Restaurant, the old Nepomuceno rice granary in Angeles City, that had been converted into a restaurant. And what toppings might one find in Doy's Kapampangan? Longganiza, ebun buru (salted duck eggs), onions and pickle relish! It sounds nasty, but tastes heavenly! I've always been a fan of pizza at the Camalig. The crusts are baked to a perfect crisp with a generous serving of toppings. And if you choose to bring some home to your friends and family, the packaging is a novelty as well since the pizza is placed in a bilao and wrapped in Manila paper like pansit. Well, we're passing by the Camalig after our tour on Sunday. Yum!
[Here: www.ivanhenares.com/...]

While waiting our friend Jengzt, we dined at Camalig Resto located at St. Rosario in Angeles City beside Nepo Mall. Out of oddity and being adventurous with food, we ordered their original recipe, which is Doy's Kapampangan. Doy's Kapampangan is made of longganisa, ebun buro (salted egg), onion, and pickle relish. The combination of the ingredients matches well and you might not even think it is made of Campangan ingredients. The zest is heavenly! We also ordered Sago't Gulaman for just PhP 20.00 and the pizza costs PHP 100 for 6 slices. Enjoy great tasting food without hurting your pocket! Visit Armando's Pizza -Ang Pambansang Pizza ng Bayan! And yeah... we had coffee after at Beatico! =0)
[Here: kasayah.blogspot.com/...]

Near FIC and beside Nepo Mall, the ice cream was further "pushed" down by a sampler of Armando's Pizza at the Historic Old Camalig Restaurant, an old grains depot converted to a quiant restaurant with "old world" feel. The pizza, unique to Pampanga, features Kapampangan longganiza, salted duck eggs (ebun buru), onions and pickle relish and proclaims it as the "pambansang pizza (national pizza)." The pizza, when ordered for take use a native bilao which good for their environment advocacy.
[Here: www.backpackingphilippines.com/...]

The best way to savor authentic Pampango cuisine is to have it in all its home-cooked glory, be it in the roadside eateries or airconditioned restaurants in Pampanga. Here's a sampling to help you design your own Kapampangan food trip: Housed in a restored camalig (grain depot), the restaurant is the home of Armando's Pizza ("Ang Pambansang Pizza"). Specialty of the house is Doy's Kapampangan pizza made with Kapampangan longganiza (sausage), ebun buru (salted duck's eggs), onion and pickle relish.
[Here: www.phileventsplaces.com/...]

If visitors wish for something rustic and old-fashioned to dine in, they can try Camalig Restaurant along Sto. Rosario Street. This Angeles restaurant in Pampanga is actually a restored farm barn or "camalig" and renovated to be a cozy eatery. Though rustic-looking, it serves one of the best pizzas in town. Camalig's pizzas, bragged as the national pizza, are rich with native spicy ingredients like Pampanga longganisa (sausage), "itlog na maalat" (salted duck eggs), small native onions, and native pickles.
[Here: www.oh-philippines.com/...]

I have been looking for this place since way back 1998. For some strange reason, as popular as this place is supposed to be, no one I've met has ever tried it until I met this officemate-cum-fave singer of mine, Cybelle. I have Cybelle to thank for finally showing me this hole-in-the-wall delicious pizza place. Armando's pizza has a thin crispy crust that doesn't scrimp on ingredients. The ingredients are so fresh and well-cooked that even the green pepper becomes something to crave for! This is also THE pizza for lovers of toppings till the crust end. Only P165 for a pizza good for 3-4 persons. Try the Armando's Special and the Mexican variant. Ang saraaap! Oh, while you're there, do try their baked spaghetti with corned beef (only P39, big for one and I'm talking about my appetite here!). The noodles are chewy yet al dente and is deliciously complemented by a sweet spicy sauce with very malinamnam strips of corned beef. Truly worth a trip to Angeles City, Pampanga!
[Here: singlexit.blogspot.com/...]

Good to know there are folks out there who share the heavenly pleasures of Armando's Pizza at the Camalig. Just ask around, you can't miss it! I believe they still have this huge billboard on Sto Rosario Street with the national colors and all and the words "Ang Pambansang Pizza." Mmmm... very ingenius! Anyway, I especially recommend "Armando's Best" which practically has everything on it and in generous servings, too. For the bold and the brave, there's always "Doy's Kapampangan" which is just that, very Kapampangan with a captal "K" I'm from Baguio but I heart beats Kapampangan...
[Here in a comment posting by "teresa": http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com...]

Off topic: If you're in the vicinity of Angeles City Pampanga, try nyo yung Camalig Restaurant, masarap yung Armando's Pizza. Pinoy taste at crunchy ang pizza crust. Hindi nakakailay. Don Henrico's kasi parang two slices pa lang tama na.
[Here in a forum posting by "mytyragirl": www.pinoyexchange.com/...]

Malaki ang Armando's pizza at hindi sila madamot sa toppings. Sagad hanggang dulo ang toppings nito. Pati na rin yung Doy's Kapampangan nila. Excited ako na matikman yung Doy's Kapampangan kasi yun ang bersyon ng mga Kapampangan ng pizza. At isa pa, wala nun sa Maynila! Dahil yung toppings naman ng Armando's Best ay common at kahit saang pizza place ay makakaorder naman ako nun. Medyo may katagalan ang paghanda nila ng pizza pero okay lang yun sa min basta't masarap ang inaantay namin. Tsaka maaliwalas naman ang puesto namin sa labas. Hindi kami umupo sa loob kasi madilim. Siguro dahil ganun naman talaga ang kamalig, dapat madilim dahil imbakan nga ng bigas. At dumating na ang pinakahihintay na pizza! Ang hatol ng mga gutom na inampalan: okay lang. Hindi ko naman nakalimutan pangalan ko. At least napawi ang gutom ko. Parang may hinahanap akong lasa na hindi ko nakuha. Medyo disappointed lang ako kasi parang lahat ng nag-blog tungkol sa pizza na to eh puring puri hanggang langit ang diumano'y sarap nito. Siguro acquired taste. Parang pesto pasta hindi ko agad nagustuhan nung una. Pero ngayon paborito ko na. Siguro iba lang talaga ang panlasa ng jologs na katulad ko. Mas nagustuhan ko yung Doy's Kapampangan kesa sa Armando's Pizza.
[More: rapsa.wordpress.com/...]

Best pizza i ever tasted (in my whole life) Topped with salted eggs, pickles and longganisa. Di ako kumakain nun longga and salted egg talaga, pero when I tried this, masarap naman pala. Aside from the mouthwatering pizza, eto na rin ata ang best ambiance so far na nakita ko sa isang restaurant sa isang probinsya! 1800s sya eh.
[Here: panicqueen16.multiply.com/...]

Upon seeing the pizza we ordered, I knew this is the ONE! I just love the crust they make! It is not your typical Pizza Hut nor Shakey's crust. It does not look oily nor too heavy on your stomach once you've eaten 2 or even 3 slices (what an appetite!), it was just crunchy especially the dulo (end)! I just kept on getting one slice after another because it seemed that the pizza do not last longer than 3 minutes on my plate! Well, let me tell you why...
[Here: blog.sanriotown.com/...]

This is the best Filipino pizza but it is best to be eaten in the restaurant itself. The crust was not anymore crunchy when we ate it at Abe's Farm.
[Here: www.ourawesomeplanet.com/...]

I am craving for Pizza yesterday and i cannot think of any Perfect place aside from Historic Camalig Restaurant (Pambansang Pizza).It's the same with Homegrown Filipino pizza. It so Crispy, filled with toppings and delicious sauce. The place is beautiful with old world ambience. I saw a 100 year old depot. They also have live bands and live piano. I also love the Landscaped patio at al fresco dining. They also have a old pictures of people and old picture of Angeles City. I am a big fan of pizza and that is the reason why i know how to rate them. I can rate Historic Camalig Pizza of 10 as the Highest because it is so delicious and it's different from the others.I won't say that i forgot my name when i ate it. No, not that!I can say the pizza is made with love which is very important for me because you will not taste a good pizza if the maker did not do his best. I love everything about this place.I am so relax when i am here because everything was so perfect. I really enjoy going here. Aside from that it is so cheap. We only spend few money of eating a delicious pizza. If you go to Angeles City go to Historical Camalig Restaurant and try their pizza and i am sure you will be satisfied.
[Here: www.reviewstream.com/...]

Thrilla in the camalig. As I mentioned in the previous post, friends and I had lunch at a renovated camalig or granary in Angeles. The strong downpour forced us to stay inside, we sat by the window watching the rain, munching on our pizza. We were the only customers there for an hour, and our only companions were the waiter, the cashier, and the cook in the back. But we were regaled by the radio broadcast of the Pacquiao-Barrera fight. Round after round, we listened to what was happening over in Vegas, while we joined the rest of the country to listen or watch the show.
[More: milatan.blogspot.com/...]

The Bridge live SMS chat board was a huge hit at the Camalig Restaurant (The home of Armando's Pizza. "Ang Pambansang Pizza".) located at No. 292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City. Owner Marc Nepomuceno was also present. The live SMS chat board offered a wide variety of uses, all through text messaging including interaction between customers, food commentary, birthday greetings and anniversary greetings too. Since there was a live band, the customers even sent their requests through text messaging. The customers were very happy and satisfied with the product.
[Here: www.bridgemobile.org...]

Many call it a progressive city. I call it a piece in history. One great thing about Angeles City is that it able to perverse the things in the past while busy progressing as a highly urbanized city. Amidst the vast development of this place as depicted by the appearances of huge malls and buildings and busy streets, the city of friendship is proud to be the home of great Capampangan history and culture. Angeles City or "Culiat" as it known during the Spanish time is rich both in economy and antiquity. One example showing how history is preserved in this city is the Camalig Resto Bar. The place is not just another regular cozy resto bar to visit. It is a very poetic place where one can travel back in time by just feeling the atmosphere that is all around the place. Built in 1825, the Camalig or stockroom used to be the area where the crops and other harvests of the wealthy Nepomuceno family were stored. But that was during the colonial time. In 1980, the Nepomucenos decided to convert the place into a resto bar where people can go and have a different dining experience. The Camalig does not only serve the cheapest and coldest San Mig light in town but it also offers great Capampagan food like the world's famous longaniza pizza. And for those nightlife people, live band is available in the place while enjoying a drink of cold beers with the taste of Capampangan food and the friendliness of the city.
[Here: the-top-spinner-huge.blog.friendster.com/...]

Fusion Kapampangan is also available. Care for a Kapampangan pizza at the Camalig? They call it Doy's Delight and it's the regular pizza with longganiza, salted eggs and pickles for toppings. The combination seems wierd but it tastes like heaven!
[Here in a comment posting by "ivanhenares": www.ivanhenares.com/...]

Native joints like these have become legends in their own right, their kitchens whipping up the best cuisine Pampanga has to offer. Given this province's long history with foreigners, it seems only natural for the Pampangueños to develop a taste for Western fare as well. This is most evident in the Camalig Restaurant (#292 Santo Rosario Street, Angeles City, tel: +63 (45) 322 5641), an artsy establishment set in an 18th century Spanish house. While its menu features time-honoured Filipino favourites, Camalig prides itself on its version of pizza garnished with a mound of local cured meats, salted eggs and cheddar cheese on a biscuity crust.
[Here: www.tigerinflight.com/...]

Camalig Restaurant is an old rice storage of the Nepomuceno clan coverted into a rustic pizzeria. Inside Camalig, old vases, sugar mills, photographs and family memorabilia hang on the wall giving the place a glimpse of history. Two years ago, the Olivia Gallery inside the Camalig resto, houses different art works from local artists. Now all that hangs there are plain fabrics and ceiling fans.
[Here: livelovetraveleat.blogspot.com/...]

Last Saturday, December 15, 2007, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak featured... Historic Camalig Restaurant - this restaurant is actually a 100 year old warehouse which was converted by its owners in 1980's located in Clark Pampanga. With an inital investment of 4,000 to 8,000 pesos the father of the present owner with an American soldier started their venture. Their best seller is pizza. Why? because all the ingredients are local, the pizza tray is "bilao" ( bamboo tray ) and the pizza sauce is cooked for 6 hours. They also maintain their original recipe since 1973 up to now. The ingredients are also mentioned like the cheese, sauce, salted egg, longganisa and chopped onion. Maybe the salted egg and longganisa makes it unique and pinoy.
[Here: www.thefilipinoentrepreneur.com/...]

We celebrated our dear friend Myla's birthday in Armando's (their family-owned pizza place in Camalig, that's in Angeles, Pampanga), and it was a joy to be among the well-wishers, and of course, among the conspirators of Myla's beautiful (hehehe) scrapbook. :)... We had pizza and pasta (there was pizza with red egg on it, it was my first time to try something like that! :) at Armando's and a cup or two of Fruits in IceCream.
[Here: adjengvs.multiply.com/...]

While touring the outskirts of Clark, we hear back from Marc; he runs a restaurant in Angeles City, The Historic Camalig Restaurant, and would love it if we stopped by. As it turns out, the restaurant is in the heart of town, close by the family's gigantic Nepo Mall, on a main street near the town's cathedral. He'd modestly described it as a "pizza restaurant" but it turns out to be a reclaimed rice warehouse (kamalig means rice granary), with two floors of romantic seating inside under dark beams, and an outdoor courtyard with tables and a stage for musicians to perform. He features live rock acts and free wifi, and the place is doing a brisk business even at the awkward between lunch and dinner hour when we stop by. We're not really hungry, but Marc insists we try some of his specialties, and I've never been one to resist new food and drink. He suggests a kamias shake, made from a relative of the cucumber that I've never heard from. Fresh fruit and vegetables have a different meaning in the Philippines than in the U.S.; when I say the shake sounds great, a waiter walks to a tree in the courtyard and picks the kamias for the shake (which is indeed delicious). The menu includes traditional menus and Philippine variations, all of them made from local ingredients. We choose a pizza with longanisa and salted duck egg. I like longanisa (a sweet marinated sausage) a lot, and it's hard to find in the U.S. without MSG, which I'm allergic to. Salted duck egg is a bit of an acquired taste, better on the hot pizza than on the cold leftovers the next morning. It may be one of those things you have to grow up with to love, like I am with scrapple.
[Here: leigh.rowena.org/...]

We had "lunch" (at 8 pm!) at the Historic Camalig Restaurant. The spaghetti and pizza I had were delicious. Aside from the yummy food it was an interesting place since it is the ancestral home of one of the prominent families in Pampanga. I wondered if there were any ghosts floating around the place. Good thing I was too hungry to notice. The "Turn Back Time" band was charming, laid back and their 60s and 70s song selection brought out the "my Dad has LPs..."
[Here: aileenapolo.blogspot.com/...]

Stuffed, we were all ready for siesta, but no -- there was more food to devour! After a quick stop at Susie's Cuisine to buy some goodies (I got tibok-tibok and ube haleya which my kids were so amazed with and the ensaimadang bais which was soft just like my husband likes it), we were off to yet another great food find.... the historic Camalig. Owned by the Nepomucenos and original founders of the city of Angeles, the Camalig was recently featured in the papers for the Nepomucenos' Armando's Pizza, most popular among them is the pizza called "Doy's Kapampangan" which has longganiza, red eggs and pickles as toppings. That was a real delight. The group finished all three bilaos of pizza (yes, the pizzas are served in bilaos for a native touch). We got to taste the longganiza pizza of course, a vegetarian pizza and their top -ranked "All the Way" which had all kinds of toppings you can imagine. Of course, before our "hungry" group took pictures and gobbled all the pizza, we were given a backgrounder by the owner on the history of the place, how it was passed on from generation to generation of the de Leons, Hensons and Nepomucenos and now to their own family. It is an old house made of narra wood and restored later as a depot or bodega for their old stuff and now as a quaint restaurant. The place still houses antique stuff and has an old country feel to it.
[Here: amyuy.multiply.com/...]

Our 2nd stop: Camalig Pizza. Camalig Restaurant is an old rice storage of the Nepomuceno clan coverted into a rustic pizzeria. Inside Camalig, old vases, sugar mills, photographs and family memorabilia hang on the wall giving the place a glimpse of history. Two years ago, the Olivia Gallery inside the Camalig resto, houses different art works from local artists. Now all that hangs there are plain fabrics and ceiling fans.
[Here: livelovetraveleat.blogspot.com/...]

If visitors wish for something rustic and old-fashioned to dine in, they can try Camalig Restaurant along Sto. Rosario Street. This Angeles restaurant in Pampanga is actually a restored farm barn or "camalig" and renovated to be a cozy eatery. Though rustic-looking, it serves one of the best pizzas in town. Camalig's pizzas, bragged as the national pizza, are rich with native spicy ingredients like Pampanga longganisa (sausage), "itlog na maalat" (salted duck eggs), small native onions, and native pickles.
[Here: www.oh-philippines.com/...]

Really yummy. you gotta try it! before this favorite pizza ko yun brooklyn, pero etong camalig nothing compared to brooklyn! wala din sinabi yun yellowcab. I love it!! I'm craving for camalig pizza again.. : ( That's why i didn't wanna post this sana kasi paulit ulit ko tinitignan nagugutom ako ulit.
[Here: panicqueen16.multiply.com/...]

At Camalig Resto... (photos)
[Here: beaver96c.multiply.com/...]

Feeding Frenzy in Camalig... (photos)
[Here: kelvinlester.multiply.com/...]

Hindi ko alam kung nakakita ka ng ng bahag-hari (rainbow) sa buong buhay mo, pero noong Biyernes nakakatawang dalawa pa ang bahag-hari na nakita namin ng mga kaibigan ko habang masaya kaming nagkukwnetuhan at kumakain sa Camalig, isang local pizza house sa Angeles City.
[Here: sungka.wordpress.com/...]

I have no Idea that Armando's Pizzas at Camalig are so delicious. I have been living here in Angeles City for more than 20 years now and this is the first time I come to taste one of their products. You might be interested for this: that Camalig Restaurant was established in 1840 and was originally setup as a grain storehouse. More information is written in Wikipedia and it was fun to read some of the interesting facts about the history of Camalig Restaurant and Armando's Pizza. You can read more information here about Camalig and Angeles City. I took some of the pictures of the food we ordered last night. Here they are:
[Here: www.solofoodtrip.com/...]

Pambansang Pizza. Simply divine! Mouth-watering, crunchy, savory, spicy and gloriously delicious original pizzas can only be found at Armando's Pizza at Camalig! Located at the heart of Angeles City, Armando's Pizza is housed in old grain storage (camalig) that dates back to 1840. No other pizza house in the country can match Armando's genius in concocting its own pizza favorites using native ingredients such as such as salted egg (ebun buru), smoked fish (tinapa), and processed meat (longganisa). The rich history of the old Camalig makes the pizza experience more overwhelming and heavenly. Armando's Pizza at Camalig is not only known for its original thin crust pizzas but also for its advocacy in promoting environmental awareness. It is the only pizza store in the Philippines and possibly all over the world which uses bilao, a native flat round container made of bamboo originally used by the old Kapampangans in preparing food especially rice. Armando's Pizza owner Marc Nepomuceno is equally known for his own advocacies. He is the current president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Pampanga and the Metro Angeles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MACCI). So have a taste of this original pizza and visit Angeles City! For inquiries, please log on to www.camalig.com
[Here: trendsandspots.blogspot.com/...]

"Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Angeles City - Philippines" Camalig Restaurant. This is a restaurant in Santo Rosario Street. The design of the restaurant is very rustic.This restaurant was once a camalig or a barn in a farm. This was then redesigned and made into a nice and simple restaurant. This restaurant is very famous for their pizzas. Many residents in Angeles consider their pizza as the best in the city. The pizzas they offer are filled with different ingredients from the Philippines like longganisa which is the sausage in the Philippines, salted eggs and onions and some pickles.
[Here: www.philippinesboard.com/...]

Camalig's 5th Pizza Blitza. "We are looking for pizza lovers who can beat the current record of eating the medium size Pambansang Pizza in just two minutes," said Marc Nepomuceno, owner of Armando's Pizza at the Camalig. Now on its fifth year, Armando's Pizza will hold its annual pizza-eating contest in all Saturdays of the month of May. Yes, Virginia. It is pizza galore at the old Camalig. The competition is open to everyone. The standing record is two-minutes for the 10-inch pizza courtesy of Armando's. Dubbed as Pizza Blitza, Nepomuceno said the event attracts a lot of people from all walks of life. Anyway, it is free as long as you are part of the contest! The Pizza Blitza is part of Armando's anniversary celebration. Established in May 3, 1973, Armando's Pizza made it big in the industry through the years, building a strong clientele and craze fanatics to the restaurant's bestsellers like All the Way, Armando's Best and their very own Doy's Kapampangan, a combination of longganisa, ebun buru (salted egg), onion, and pickle relish in thin crust. Aside from its heavenly pizza masterpieces, Armando's Pizza is also known for its advocacies for promoting and preserving the Kapampanga culture as well as its campaign for environmental awareness. "We are the only pizza house that uses bilao (bamboo bin) for our take-out pizza. This is part of our advocacy. And we are the only local restaurant that has an in-house gallery that serves as a venue both for our local and national artists. This is the Galeria Olivia," Nepomuceno said. Nepomuceno is the incumbent president of the Metro Angeles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MACCI). He is also an officer of the Kuliat Foundation Inc., the group that runs the Museo Ning Angeles.
[Here: www.trendsandspots.com/...]

A Moment with the Masters. I dropped by at the historic Camalig Restaurant recently to pay visit to Marc Nepomuceno. Of course, this website is the main topic of the day. After getting the information I want, I went straight to Galleria Olivia at the restaurant's mezzanine. I was very happy to share a few moments with the art masters, even in the replicas of their brushes' contours and colours. The works of Carlos V. Francisco (1912-1969), Jose Dans (1805-ca 1870), Simon Flores y de la Rosa (1839-1904), Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo (1853-1913), Juan Luna (1857-1899), Fernando C Amorsolo (1892-1972), Vicente S Manansala (1910-1981), Hernando R Ocampo (1911-1976), among others, are on exhibit. What a heartwarming delight. A Portfolio of the Philippine Art Masterpieces, the exhibit is a brilliant idea for Camalig. I hope to visit again to feast my eyes anew with such eloquence and excellence of these masterpieces. And of course, over a Bovine Divine pizza too! Also included, but not part of the portfolio, are three charcoals by Amanda L Henson-Nepomuceno (1895-1983) as a student at the Colegio de Sta. Catalina in Manila.
[Here: www.trendsandspots.com/...]

Pinakbet Pizza, ever heard of that? After the Kapampangan pizza at the Camalig (Doy's Delight is topped with longaniza, salted eggs and pickle relish), comes an even longer list of Ilocano pizzas. And we got to taste several of them at two restaurants in Ilocos Norte.
[Here: ivanhenares.com/...]

More friendsters photos taken at Camalig...
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nagtungo na kami sa Camalig para tumikim ng Armando's Pizza. Dagdag: Rekomendado ang Camalig bilang isa sa mga restawran na masayang puntahan. Astig, may lumang poster pa ni FPJ at old school na makina!
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Photo at Camalig...
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Yet another friendster pic at Camalig...
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"Pizza Gets a Dash of Patriotism" A restaurant that has been selling Filipiniana pizza flavors in this former American base town since 1973 is honoring modern-day heroes by treating them to lower-priced goods. The 10-percent slash on the bill comes automatic---no questions asked, no showing of coupons, but only identification cards required---for teachers, government employees, overseas Filipino workers, soldiers, firefighters and policemen. The campaign, dubbed "Promoting Patriotism, One Pizza at a Time," lasts until June 12, 2010. "You can say we're putting our money where our mouth is," said Marc Nepomuceno, owner of Armando's Pizza, in explaining why the homegrown pizzeria went beyond displaying the Philippine flag on Independence Day.
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"Angeles Resto Launches Patriotic Pizza" A pizzeria in Angeles City has come up with a tasty way of honoring the country's "modern heroes." The Pampanga-based restaurant Armando's Pizza & Pasta, which takes pride in the moniker "Ang Pambansang Pizza" (the national pizza), recently announced that it will be offering discounts for the country's "patriots" - including government employees, teachers, overseas Filipino workers, soldiers, firefighters, and police. "Call it a gift, our small token of appreciation to all the modern-day heroes out there. These hard-working individuals are the new Rizals, new Bonifacios, and new Mabinis of our generation," said Marc Nepomuceno, the pizzeria's owner, in a statement. The "Bagong Bayani" promo was launched last June 12 in time for Philippine Independence Day, and will run for one whole year. Eligible customers only need to present a valid I.D. to claim a 10-percent discount on their total pizza tab.
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Yahoo! picks up the story: "Angeles Resto Launches Patriotic Pizza"
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From the international pizza industry journal PMQ: "A Pizza Discount for Serving your Country"
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Another original from the Historic Camalig Restaurant, The Home of Armando's Pizza – a salute and tribute to teachers (both public and private), overseas Filipino workers, government employees, firefighters, soldiers, and police.
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Mwa-haha-haha. A spontaneous photo taken by one of my groupmates outside Camalig Restaurant during a food photography seminar a few months back. The restaurant is home to Armando's Pizza, which has recipes that include longganiza (local sausages) and salted duck eggs.
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Armando's Camalig is our favorite hang-out spot in Angeles City. It always have been our meeting place since college. Aside from the fact that it is just like a pace away from our school - Holy Angel University, the food especially the pizza are great and are perfectly priced within our limited budget. Through the years, we have witness how it morphed from a simple, rustic to a quaint classy restaurant. Last weekend, my friends and I went to Armando's. It has this the same familiar yet vague feeling. We have always loved the place. It brings us back through time and let us forget for a while that we were in the busy metropolis. We ordered our favorite Armando's Best pizza, chicken wings, calamares and of course iced tea. Our appetite as always is at its peak every time we dine here.
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Are You a Modern-day Hero? While most businesses took care to dress up their stores with flags on their walls as their way of marking Philippine Independence Day last month, a small Angeles City pizza restaurant has opted to further push the envelope of patriotism, so to speak, beyond a mere showcase of national colors.
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Recession Brings Out the Best in Some People. The same could be said to Marc Nepomuceno, owner of Armando's Pizza, a homegrown pizza business established in Angeles City here. At this offstage in the recession, he is helping to employ laid-off Filipino overseas workers while honoring them. Armando's own small way of paying tribute to the thousands of faceless, nameless new heroes of our time, "for their honesty, service, and love of country," he says, is employing some of them and to those he cannot employ, he gives them discounts in his pizza restaurant. Indeed, during these hard times, heroes are needed.
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Traffic was light and we quickly found our way to our first stop --- the historic Camalig restaurant in Angeles City. Owner Marc Nepomuceno told us that the structure was originally built in the 1860s by his great-grandmother Agustina Henson, and until 1965 was used as a common granary by members of an extended family. "Siblings and cousins each had a room for storing their share of the rice harvest," he said and we were engrossed as he described life in Pampanga during more rustic and simple times. Old photographs, wine bottle collections and bric-a-brac from bygone times caught our interest, as did mismatched wooden chairs with intricate carving and old kitchen implements. As we lounged in the batibot-style wrought iron chairs, it was difficult to concentrate on the food. The restaurant's specialty is a pizza called Armando's best, named after Marc's grandfather. Generously topped with pepperoni, ground beef, mushroom slices, Canadian bacon and chopped green bell peppers, the pizza shares the limelight with other restaurant bestsellers as the crispy fried chicken wings and tacos. Examining the menu, we found an item called "fisharon" made out of tilapia skin under the Pulutan heading and made a mental note to try that next time.
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"Ang Pambansang Pizza. The Historic Camalig Restaurant on bustling Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City, is home to Armando's Pizza, billed locally as "Ang Pambansang Pizza." "It was named after my father," said owner Marc Nepomuceno (tel. 045-3225641). "The pizza became popular for its not-so-thick and not-so-thin crust topped with our homemade tomato sauce that's a bit sweet, spicy and sour. It tastes the same way as it was back in 1973." The pizza comes with generous toppings of pepperoni, ground beef, green pepper, mushroom and Canadian bacon. Another bestseller among the local folk is the "Doy's Kapampangan," a delicious fare drizzled with ebun buru (salted eggs); longganiza (local meat sausage); onions and pickle relish. But it is not just the pizza, pasta or variety of Kapampangan favorites that draws in the clients. The place, actually the family's ancestral grain depot, is already a come-on. The quaint old Camalig ("shed" in Kapampangan vernacular) has been the city's most popular legacy structure that's been adaptively reused commercially, having withstood the twin ravages of time and modernization. It was built in 1840 during the Spanish period by the town's first mayor, Don Ciriaco de Miranda, primarily as a farm shed of light materials. It was later upgraded in the early 1900s to its present form by the town's first post-colonial mayor, Capitan Juan Nepomuceno. About 99.9 percent of the mostly wooden structure was retained except for the packed earth flooring. The old wood actually gives the place a rustic ambiance. "We wanted to create an old town atmosphere while enjoying our food," Nepomuceno said. To complement that old Filipino-Spanish setting, the room has been transformed into a permanent exhibit of the family's antique farming tools, household items and old photographs. On weekends, various group bands play the retro sounds.
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On a lazy cold weekend, we often opt for a steaming bowl of soup and long hours of sleep. However, an exploratory food trip can be better than our usual rainy day comforts. Mama Sita's food trip brought us to Pampanga and Bataan to warm up our rainy Saturday with festive dishes and the country's culinary history. Breakfast stop: Camalig Restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga. This "fiercely Filipino" restaurant houses some remains of the Spanish period. We were entranced by the Old World charm of the houses--aged iron bars, stone walls and wood floors still sturdy enough to accommodate more than a hundred customers, and beige photographs and relics from different generations. The restaurant is one of the country's few surviving legacy structures, being in existence for over 150 years. Camalig (which means barong-barong or shed in the Kapampangan vernacular) started out as a farm shed of light materials during the 1840s and later became storage of rice. The late Armando Nepomuceno inherited the structure through five generations. In 1980, he relocated here his small pizzeria, the Armando's Pizza, and the rest is history for the Historic Camalig Restaurant. Camalig still carries some of Armando's recipes like the Doy's Kapampangan and Armando's Pizza, two of the restaurant's 11 pizza choices. Restaurant manager Marc Nepomuceno, son of the late Armando Nepomuceno, said his father's recipes had withstood time. "In fact, the Doy's Kapampangan is the restaurant's bestseller," he said. "Our pizzas are unique in terms of crust and sauce. Your teeth would be challenged by the crust's crispy-then-soft quality. Our sauce is cooked for six hours, simmered and scooped to spread. It is also adjusted to the Filipino taste for a distinct flavor," he explained. Our breakfast plates were filled with Armando's Best, the family's treasured recipe, spicy chunks of longganisa (native sausage), and homegrown morning delights like tuyo (dried fish), hotdog, fried egg and fried rice. The restaurant also serves a fusion of Filipino, American and Mexican flavors like the best-sellers fried chicken wings and tacos.
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Camalig, Kapampangan Pizza Place
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It was lunch time when we arrived in Angeles City. We went to the Camalig, a restored Spanish rice granary along Santo Rosario Street to sample Armando's Pizza. Built in 1840 by the town's first mayor Don Ciriaco de Miranda primarily as a shed made of light materials, it was restored in the early 1900s to it present form by the post-colonial mayor Capitan Juan Nepomuceno. The father of the current owner Armando's Pizza, the late Armando Nepomuceno inherited the 150-year old building thus Historic Camalig Restaurant is also billed as "The Home of Armando's Pizza." While waiting for our orders to be served, we toured the old Camalig to view its gallery of ancient photographs of early Angeles personages and exhibit of relics from a bygone Angeles town. Surrounded by rustic old-world Filipiniana, we enjoyed our Armando's Pizza served warm in a traditional bilao.
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Historic Camalig Restaurant (292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City; +63 45 3225641 or 8881077) is the home of Armando's Pizza. My personal favorite is Doy's Kapampangan: longganisa, ebun buru (salted duck egg), onion & pickle relish. Their newest offering is Marco's 3-Way: sun-dried tomatoes & kesong puti plus a choice of either tuyo, tinapa or chicken adobo. Then there's Mexican Medley: shredded chicken breast (sauteed in hot pepper & pizza sauce), fresh tomato & spring onion. Another personal favorite is the classic Armando's Best: same toppings as All The Way, but with extra peperoni, double ground beef, double green pepper, double mushroom & extra Canadian bacon.
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Armando's Camalig is our favorite hang-out spot in Angeles City. It always have been our meeting place since college. Aside from the fact that it is just like a pace away from our school - Holy Angel University, the food especially the pizza are great and are perfectly priced within our limited budget. Through the years, we have witnesswd how it morphed from a simple, rustic to a quaint classy restaurant.
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We arrived in Clark Saturday night, and we had dinner right after checking in at the hotel at Red Crab Seafood and Steaks which is just walking distance from Holiday Inn Clark. We had generous servings of local staple viands and, of course, red crab. After dinner at Red Crab, we were taken to Camalig Restaurant in downtown Angeles City where we sampled Armando's Pizza—different kinds of "Kapampangan Pizza," pizza with all sorts of combinations of local toppings, from salted eggs, to fried crickets. It was a sumptuous after-dinner treat.
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First on the list was breakfast in the country's gourmet region—Pampanga. Here, the media group trooped to the historic Camalig (shed in Kapampangan vernacular) Restaurant located along Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City, Pampanga. Camalig is an 1840 shed that was used to keep lighting materials. It used to be a palabigasan (grain depot) during the colonial times and is now turned into a trendy hotspot and home to the region's pioneering pizzeria—Armando's Pizza. Hence, Camalig is also billed locally as the Home of Armando's Pizza: Ang Pambansang Pizza. The restored structure has a raised dining area inside supported by authentic poles salvaged from the original structure and surrounded by a photo gallery and relics cataloguing the city's history. There is also a patio for al fresco dining which features live performances during weeknights. Its specialty is Doy's Kapampangan pizza which is a ‘not-so-thick and not-so-thin crust' pizza topped with longganisa (native sausage), ebun buru (salted duck egg), onions, and pickle relish. The restaurant also serves all-time breakfast faves and a melting pot of Filipino, American, and Mexican dishes.
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...After a past-traveling presentation there was a hit acid on our stomach so we proceed to a PIZZA HAUS called CAMALIG. The filling was new SALTED EGG AND LONGGANISA. Wow, plus ICED TEA. I love it. The secret was in the sauce. It took them 6 hours to reduced liquid to its perfection.
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We left Clark in search of the historic Camalig Restaurant which houses Armando's pizza, said to be the national pizza. We got lost several times looking for the place, until L brought out his laptop and made a Google search. Cousy called the restaurant for directions, and in no time, we were at the heart of Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City. The restaurant reminded me of grandma's house, with its wooden antique furniture and sepia-toned photographs. Famished, we ordered a platter of baked spaghetti, Armando's Best pizza, and a sampler of Doy;s Kapampangan pizza (topped with Kapampangan sausage, salted duck egg, onion and pickle relish) . Everything was delicious, and the restaurant's fruit shakes were amazing.
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More Camalig & Armando's Pizza photos from Cha's Food Corner
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10:00pm is pizza time at Historic Camalig. We tried out several flavors but I'll stick to the safe ones. The tinapa or tuyo flavors just taste too weird for me. But the other ones were good.
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A Little Slice of History in Angeles City. Stepping off the hustle and bustle of Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City, Pampanga to The Historic Camalig Restaurant's compound, one is immediately transported into a milieu that is a seamless fusion of turn-of-the-century Philippine charm and the local Bohemian culture. A 170-year old building brought back into use during the 1980s. The Historic Camalig Restaurant's stone-and-wood edifice still remains as evidence of its former life as a farm shed (or as it is known in the vernacular, a camalig). In its current incarnation, the pictureseque structure functions as an art and performance venue and likewise holds the distinction of being home to Armando's Pizza : Ang Pambansang Pizza, one of Pampanga's first pizzerias.
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For those looking for Kapampangan fare with a twist, there's the Historic Camalig Restaurant, which boasts of its Armando's Pizza, unofficially known as "Ang Pambansang Pizza" due to its patented preparation and classic homegrown Pinoy pizza recipe. Its clientele are mostly students from surrounding schools and colleges at the heart of Angeles City, which is why, at night, Camalig offers live musical entertainment, an outdoor dining area, and a post-happy hour special from 9pm onwards.
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Weird and Unique Pizzas. I love eating pizza, and sometimes I even have to invent some menu for my homemade pizza. Sometimes I spread over my slice bread ketchup, topped it with red onion, green bell pepper, button mushroom, sliced sweet ham or hot dog and sprinkle with grated cheese, bake and presto! I have my homemade pizza. So as I was looking for some recipe for my pizza, I came across with this link, my it's weird but intriguing pizza. Looks yummy though. Armando's Pizza toppings are local longaniza, ebun buru (salted fermented egg), onions, pickle relish..wow! quite intriguing.
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By night, visit the Historic Camalig Restaurant, home of Armando’s Pizza, the best pizza in town. On weekend nights, live bands play the oldies. 292 Sto Rosario St
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Many Bahay Na Bato In Rice Producing Areas Had A Camalig Or Rice Granary Beside It In Angeles City The Camalig Of The Nepomuceno House Was Adaptively reused As A Restaurant The Popular Historic Camalig Restaurant Of Armando's Pizza
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Many Bahay Na Bato In Rice Producing Areas Had A Camalig Or Rice Granary Beside It In Angeles City The Camalig Of The Nepomuceno House Was Adaptively reused As A Restaurant The Popular Historic Camalig Restaurant Of Armando's Pizza
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Uniquely Pinoy Pizza @ Camalig Restaurant. Our last stop was a visit to Camalig Restaurant for yet another food trip. Camalig is a Kapampangan restaurant that became popular for their unique local Pizza flavors. Its kinda weird at first taste but I liked it afterwards... but of course it is best if paired with iced cold beer:)
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Taco Sunday. They loved it! I couldn't believe it, my Tito and cousins loved the tacos I made for them. Lately, I've been into tacos. From the tacos of Pancake House to as far those of Camalig's Restaurant in Pampanga, my craving was making Chuy crazy. That before he left, he asked me to just make it at home. And so I did. Here is the result.
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FoodTrip Pampanga. A gastronomical tour featuring the best of Pampanga. Nov 14, 2010. Prepare your tastebuds for they’re in for a treat! Travel Factor is proud to present it’s newest creation: FOODTRIP Pampanga, a day trip featuring some of the best, original Kapampangan Cuisine. This is literally Pampanga's best! Mangan na tamu!
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Pampanga is the birthplace of the famous sisig so lets just say we will not judge you if you decide to stay on for lunch in the nearby Mely's restaurant or the Historic Camalig Restaurant for salted-egg laden pizzas.
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Pampanga food trip: Historic Camalig Restaurant. It's called historic because it is said to be a 100-year-old ancestral grain depot restored in 1980. The restaurant smells really old, and like a real camalig (depot), there were different kinds of things kept underneath the second floor. We got curious about the Kapampangan pizza so that's what we ordered. It was freshly baked with lots of onions and sauce. I never thought that salted egg could be a good pizza ingredient!
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This is our last night together, and we’re making sure we enjoy every minute of it. Before calling it a night though, we stopped by the Holy Angels University in Angeles to learn about Pampanga’s rich history and culture. We took in more culture, though through food, at Camalig where we sampled their different kinds of pizza with distinctly local flavor.
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The breakfast pizza. Take one typical filipino breakfast: a couple of juicy longaniza served with a sunnyside-up egg and sinangag (its garlic rice, only better). Mmmm delicious no? Now get an italian dish lets say... Pizza! With its soft crust, sour tomato sauce and a good helping of cheese, grated and then melted for a fine consistency. Lovely. Dang! Isnt that just two of the best meals youve ever had? But have you ever imagined what would happen if you combine those two together? But who needs imagination if you can get it at Armandos Pizza, or more Popularly known as Camalig, where they do just that.
[Here: pampangapep.com/...]

After dinner at Red Crab, we were taken to Camalig Restaurant in downtown Angeles City where we sampled Armando's Pizza--different kinds of "Kapampangan Pizza," pizza with all sorts of combinations of local toppings http://www.victorvillanueva.net/archives/tag/north-philippines-visitors-bureau/
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My Picha Pie. We have since evolved to more sophisticated pizzas---this time with real herbs and spices, mozzarella cheese, all manners of crusts and stuffings. We also have some regional varieties like the pinakbet pizza and Kapampangan pizza (with longganiza, salted eggs and pickle relish). But one never really forgets that humble picha pie.
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Kapampangan Pizza from Camalig...
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Papier mache sculptures of the heads of famous figures are displayed at Armando's Pizza & Pasta.
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The historic Camalig Restaurant belongs to the Nepomuceno family.
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Armando's Pizza & Pasta is a cozy place serving comfort food.
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Afternoon snacks at Camalig Restaurant. We headed for Angeles City, where we were to dine at the Historic Camalig Restaurant, home of Armando's Pizza & Pasta. By that time, the vision of a hobbit asking "What about second luncheon?" was swimming in my head--I was stuffed, but I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to eat what the restaurant hailed as the "pambansang pizza." The restaurant is housed in a 150-year old structure owned by the Nepomucenos, and the place exuded an old-world charm. Sepia and black and white photos, wooden chairs, ceramic bottles, and old sewing machines were displayed throughout the restaurant. The interiors were notable, and--more importantly--so were the pizzas they served. We ordered the bestseller--Armando's Best--ground beef, bacon, green peppers, and mushrooms on a thin crust. The great thing about the pizza was that it had generous toppings, so even a slice was already filling. We weren't supposed to be hungry, but in less than 10 minutes another pizza was served, and we wolfed that one down, too. The second pizza was Doy's Kapampangan, which was very interesting. Its toppings--longganisa and salted egg--made the pizza very Pinoy. After my encounter with longganisa that morning, I was able to finish my slice without much effort.
[Here: travelbook.ph...]

Doy's Kapampangan pizza... longganisa, salted duck egg, onion, and pickle relish
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If visitors wish for something rustic and old-fashioned to dine in, they can try Camalig Restaurant along Sto. Rosario Street. This Angeles restaurant in Pampanga is actually a restored farm barn or “camalig” and renovated to be a cozy eatery. Though rustic-looking, it serves one of the best pizzas in town. Camalig’s pizzas, bragged as the national pizza, are rich with native spicy ingredients like Pampanga longganisa (sausage), “itlog na maalat” (salted duck eggs), small native onions, and native pickles.
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it's been suggested that anyone who happens to find his or her way to Armando's Pizza should order Doy's Kapampangan and have their fill of a truly cabalen version of the Italian pie made with longganisa (the local sausage which is slightly sweet), ebun buru (salted duck eggs), onion and pickle relish. There's also Marco's 3-Way, a Filipiniana-inspired pizza topped with sundried tomatoes, kesong puti (a soft, white cheese made from carabao's milk) and the diner's choice from three available flavors : tuyu (dried fish), tinapa (smoked fish), or chicken adobo.
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Truly Pinoy Food and Drinks: Historic Camalig Restaurant
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